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Welcome to Kitchen Resurfacing Ireland

Kitchen painting has become extremely popular. It’s important you choose the right company for the job

Kitchen Resurfacing


We will not be repainting your cabinets.  Hand painting a kitchen just does not work!!  We provide a complete respray by applying advanced coatings that are of factory finish quality.  The Kitchen Resurfacing system is more durable that any other paint or varnish product on the market, guaranteeing a long lasting finish and providing you with the look and feel of a brand new kitchen.

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Furniture Respray

Kitchen Respray You can save big money if you respray your existing furniture. If you are looking for a quck fix that you don’t need to last long or not very concerned about the finish then maybe hand painting it might be the most economical solution. However if you are looking to invest in your furniture and save by adding years of life back to your furniture then contact us at 0862456456 for a quote

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Counter top Resurfacing

Kitchen worktop resurfacing While resurfacing your countertop may be similar in price to actually changing it, sometimes resurfacing it can be a better alternative. For example, Sometimes it’s not always possible to change your countertop without damaging your kitchen wall tiles or you may not want to get involved in dealing with plumbers, tilers or gas installers . Then resurfacing your countertop can make sense.

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Kitchen Resurfacing makes sense

If you are in search of a company to refurbish you kitchen cabinets and countertops, Kitchen Resurfacing Ireland is the place to call!  Most homeowner’s first thought when they  decide that their kitchen needs an update is to glance at their worn, faded cabinetry and believe that they will have to completely demolish their kitchen in order to achieve the new look and feel that they have in mind.  This is NOT the case!

We only use the most advanced and strongest products on the market. We have never had any situation when our product has delaminated or failed.
Kitchen Respray and Resurfacing, Furniture painting and Respray, Wardrobe painting and Respray.Kitchen Countertop Resurfacing.
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You guys really saved the day. We saved over €6,000 by choosing Kitchen Respray…..Thanks again
Yvonne Gorman, Home Owner.,
Just to say, Thanks for a great job. We are delighted with the results
Sue Byrne, Home Owner.,

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Kitchen Resurfacing Ireland

Not all Re Spray companies are the same


Respray Step One

Preparation is everything !! We take your doors and any other bits of the kitchen back to our workshop. We meticulously wash, degrease, Acid etch, Sand and prepare your doors.

Then they are given the necessary drying time to ensure absolute maximin adhesion  so you can be assured of that factory finish. In short we do not take short cuts.


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Respray Step2a

Step two is More preparation and masking. We call your home, we decrease, Sand, Etch and prepare you kitchen carcass for spray painting.  Ninety per cent of the work here is preparation. Painting kitchen cabinets may seem easy but, if each stage is not adequately completed then the job could fail. We are proud to say we have never had a failure. If someone is quoting to complete your kitchen in a day then you know it’s not been done correctly!

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respray Step3

Step three, we remove the masking paper and inspect the painted carcass. When we are satisfied with every nook and cranny has been sprayed we then start fitting your doors.

If you have bought new handles then we can fit them at that time. In just a few hours your Kitchen is finished and ready for use. You can enjoy your super smooth and factory like finish for many years to come. For more information on our additional services please visit All Surface

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